shuoxing Cenosphere Description

shuoxing Cenosphere Description

I. Product Overview:

Shuoxing(sxp) series of hollow floating bead is our professional and technical personnel for the domestic physical and chemical composition of the major power plants floating beads, to collect different types of floating beads, carefully graded performance, soaking method for rinsing, drying, grading one kind of high-purity screening and lightweight hollow floating bead. The appearance of white spherical powder, thin-walled hollow fine particles, light weight, high strength wear-resistant, surface sealing and smooth, small thermal conductivity, high refractoriness, heat insulation, homogeneous stress and strain and other functions, is widely used in refractory , insulation materials and the production of plastics, coatings, paints and inks, ceramics, packaging materials, rubber flooring, cementing oil drilling in areas such as reinforcing filler. Can effectively improve product performance or construction effect, and can significantly reduce production costs.

Third, the floating beads features:

1, high refractoriness; drift beads main chemical composition of silicon, aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide because the melting point of up to 1725 degrees Celsius, aluminum oxide melting point of 2050 degrees Celsius, are high fire-resistant material. Thus, the floating beads with high refractoriness,

2, light weight, thermal insulation; drift beads thin-walled hollow cavity for the semi-vacuum, heat conduction slow minimal. So Cenosphere not only lightweight, but also excellent thermal insulation, thermal insulation materials in the field for this play an active role in the foundation of light.

3, hardness, high strength; drift beads is due to the hard vitreous silica-alumina oxide mineral phases (mullite and quartz) formed Ta Mok's hardness 6-7, static strength up 70-140MPa, therefore , floating beads with high intensity.

4, non-conductive insulation; insulation resistance is generally increased with increasing temperature decreases Cenosphere the contrary, the resistance increases with increasing temperature. This advantage is not available in other insulating material. Therefore, it can produce good performance as an insulating material,

5, fine particle size, surface area; drift beads size naturally formed is 1-250 microns. The specific surface area 300-360g / cm2, and cement almost. Thus, the floating bead without grinding, can be used directly. Fineness can meet the needs of a variety of products,

Fourth, the use of floating beads:

1, fire-resistant insulation materials; such as light sintering bricks, lightweight unburned bricks, casting riser, casing pipe insulation, fire insulation coatings, insulation paste, dry powder composite insulation, lightweight insulation wear-resistant glass, steel,

2, building materials; architectural decoration, senior road resurfacing materials, roofing insulation coatings, road construction, asphalt, etc.

3, the oil industry; oil well cementing, anti-corrosion pipe insulation, undersea oil fields, flotation devices, oil well drilling muds reducing agent, oil and gas pipelines and other aspects.

4, insulation materials; plastic activation fillers, insulators and other high temperature and pressure,

5, the coatings industry; paints, inks, adhesives, stealth coatings, insulating paint, anti-corrosion paint, amlodipine paint, high temperature fire retardant paint, interior and exterior paint, insulation coatings, floor paint, car putty, putty and so on;

6, aerospace and space development; satellites, rockets, spacecraft surface of the composite material, the satellite fire protection layer, marine equipment, ships, submarines, and other deep-sea;

7, the plastics industry; such as automotive trim, instrument panels, appliance housings, fans, speakers, lamps principal, castings, gears, structural parts, zippers, tubes, plates and so on.

8, FRP products: a variety of glass products, artificial marble, glass and steel ships, crafts, etc;

   9, packaging materials: transformer potting materials, electronic packaging materials;

Five floating beads Size:

40-60 mesh, 80-120 mesh, 150-200 mesh, 200 more than other products.

VI, packaging

Using 25kg woven bag, or tons of bags according to customer requirements.

Seven, storage and transportation

This product should be stored in ventilated, dry warehouse, avoid rain, the storage period is long.

During transport, should prevent rain, moisture and damaged packaging.

Thanks for your interest in our products, if you want to learn more information more hollow beads drift performance, price, specifications, etc., please feel free to contact us, we invite you to provide the most satisfactory service!

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