cenosphere, Unshaped refractory applications

Unshaped refractory applications, edit almost kilns and thermal equipment and structures in various fields, and achieve significant economic effect. It is well known in various industrial sectors, metallurgical industrial furnaces up to, use of harsh conditions, about 60% of its total consumption of refractory material content.

In the metallurgical industry, refractory materials most consumed furnace and ancillary equipment, the quality requirements are relatively high. In order to measure the furnace refractory and metallurgical process equipment and technical level, conventional refractory consumption represented. Which means the ratio of the total consumption and production of steel metallurgy furnace refractories. Foreign refractories unit consumption per ton of steel is generally 20kg or less. Japan ton steel consumption is about 11kg, our country was about 32kg. Shanghai Baosteel tons of steel consumption is about 15kg, has reached the world level. Continue to reduce its consumption, 10.9kg per ton of steel in 1995, styling products continue to decrease, while the unshaped refractories has increased to 1988 shaped articles and unshaped refractories per ton of steel were consumed 5.9kg. 1995 monolithic refractories per ton of steel consumption is 6.4kg, and stereotypes of 4.5kg. This shows once again, in the steel industry, unshaped refractory materials occupies an extremely important position. At home, in order to reduce refractory consumption, in addition to improving equipment to achieve large-scale, continuous casting ratio increased automation and the development of high-quality refractory bricks and change the structure of varieties, shall be vigorously popularize monolithic refractories, it is imperative, and get a multiplier effect.

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